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About Me


I strive to capture a moment in time. A slice of everyday life.


My name is Cathy Engberg, and I am an oil painter who focus’ on figures and animals at rest or play. My process is constantly evolving. Currently I’m working in buliding up layers, then scraping back to previous layers. I like to combine rendering with flattening, always trying to achieve a good balance of realism and abstraction.


Cathy Engberg is currently working out of her studio in Peoria, IL. Her subject matter is often figures or animals at rest or play.

While balancing realism with abstraction, she enjoys painting figures with strong light and shadow patterns. Cathy’s process is a push and pull, with many layers of paint. Always knowing that a bit of destruction might just be what the piece needs next.

Though mostly self taught, Cathy has taken workshops with Karin Jurick, Mark Daniel Nelson, Melinda Coostana, and Peggi Kroll Roberts.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy browsing my paintings!